5th Season 8K – 35:55

This was one of the worst races I have ever run. Not sure why either, which is the most frustrating. Last year, I partied ’til 2:00am for “Mort of July” and ran crappy the next morning. I can handle that. This year though, we had a wedding and two beers is hardly a reason to suck. Maybe it was the humid temps, but then again I generally do alright with heat. Or maybe I was tired from training on the bike and in the pool? Or maybe my new diet of vegetarian diet is leaving my short on something? Whatever the reason, it wasn’t much fun.

At mile one (6:20), I felt like I was in the latter stages of a marathon, just trying to hang on and not walk. The next mile was around 7:07 and then 7:35 followed by 7:45. The last mile, or 0.97, dropped back down to 7:08.  It was also mostly downhill so my pace really didn’t pick up. Overall it was  a 7:13 pace which isn’t that bad, but I was shooting for a 6:20 pace.  Just thinking about how hard that 8K felt makes running 26.2 at the same speed a daunting task come this fall.

Oh well, 12 weeks to go…hopefully I just needed to get a bad race out of my system.