Amana Freezer 5K – 20:09

I ran the Amana Freezefest 5K this morning in Amana, Iowa. It was a cool 15 degrees, but no wind. The race course is a simple out and back. Start in Amana, run down the highway to East Amana, circle the town (like 10 houses total), and go back. Tucker ran with me and we started in the back, literally. Starting behind makes for a fun race and provides lots of motivation when passing others. Way better than starting off too fast and being passed at the finish.

We ended up crossing the finish line just over 20 minutes. Not bad, considering Tucker is like 62 in human years. My nephew also ran, or was pushed during the race. Pretty sure he won his age group for under 12 months.

John, Sarah, Barb and Tucker Freezer 5K
John, Sarah, Barb and Tucker