Complete RAGBRAI Route


The RAGBRAI complete route is now available. One of my favorite things about the ride is going through the towns and rating them in my head on which ones I like best. My criteria is pretty simple…

1. Ample bike parking is a must
2. Plenty of FREE water
3. Bar on each side of the road to avoid crossing in front of riders
4. Must be able to find a large tenderloin for under $5

I believe Le Grand, Belle Plaine and Mechanicsville were good towns last year.

This year I have my eye set on Milo…it’s the halfway point on Wednesday, which is only 44 miles for the whole day. I’m thinking this will be a “more than one beer stop”. Unless that one Miller Lite sponsored singer is there. In that case I’ll be shifting up and speeding through town.

What a week!

Since last Friday afternoon a lot has happened. First, we closed on our new house (3215 Dairydale Ct SE is the address in to send the house warming gifts) and then we started the cleaning process. By midnight on Friday we had all of the dirty, disgusting drapes taken down and the ceilings painted. My goal was to have everything painted and moved in by Sunday so we still had a long ways to go.

Saturday, we got an early start and ripped out the carpet. The hardwood floors under the 20 year old rug are amazing. I think we got lucky…as they look almost brand new. Michelle and her sister tackled the walls and before I knew it, we had the living room, and bedrooms painted. Meanwhile, Michelle’s mom came through big time and did the hardest job of all…cleaning the kitchen and bathroom. I still owe her for that one!

Katie decided to make a trip from Cedar Falls and help out with the moving. We woke up early Sunday and by 2:30, we had the condo cleared out. Tucker was worried that we forgot to move him to the new house but was relieve when I pick him up later that night. Sunday night consisted of unpacking some items and finding what we needed for the upcoming week. By 9:30 we were done and exhausted. I would say we were truly weekend warriors.