2013 Running Total

I use Daily Mile as my running log to record mileage. It’s a good looking site and has a social aspect, which is more motivating than anything else. It’s interesting to look back and see the distance totals for various months. For example, I remember my foot and knee hurting during June, along with July consumed with cycling.

Below are the monthly mile totals for 2013.

Daily Mile 2013 Total
Daily Mile 2013 Total

Tucker’s New Boots

Tucker's Winter Boots
Tucker’s Winter Boots

We finally got some snow in Iowa and Tucker was able to try out his new winter boots. Normally, he’s fine just running in snow, but when the temperature dips below 10 degrees and the roads are filled with slushy ice, his paws can become cold pretty quick.

The boots took awhile to put on, but they stayed put once we got those paws strapped in. He initially started high stepping and hopping around because of the new feel. After picking up the pace to a run, he fell right into his usual rhythm and we were good to go. Five miles later, I had a tired dog and my training run completed.

Ruffwear – Winter Boots for Dogs

Ruffwear - Winter Boots for Dogs

Training Plan – Summed up

I just read this quote from Geoff Roes, an ultra runner who wins 100 mile races. It pretty much sums up my training philosophy for the last year…

I don’t actually train—I just go out and run each day. By doing less structured training, it keeps me enjoying every run much more than I would otherwise.

The only difference; I don’t run each day and I’m not a super good ultra marathoner. The concept of enjoyment is working for me, I still love to get out midday and run for 60 minutes.

Smokey Mountain Runs

Two great runs this weekend in the Smokey Mountains outside of Sevierville, TN. Saturday was one big downhill and back up. Tim was my partner, which is becoming a traditional at family gatherings. Below is the elevation of the uphill portion…

On Sunday, Katie, Michelle and I went exploring and found steeper inclines. Not sure on the distance, but the post-run hot tub sure soothed the leg muscles. Below is a view from our cabin. I wouldn’t mind spending more time in mountains…maybe Fort Collins next?