500 Yards

I did 10 laps of swimming over lunch or  500 yards non-stop.  My goal is 20 laps before the Pigman Tri.  What really helped was  some great advice from the old guy, who also blew by me the other week.  He advice was to keep my head down more which would make me less resistant to the water.  It helped a lot until I got tired and sucked in a bunch of water.

Swim Practice – Round 2

Today, I went back to improve on my swimming. I remembered the towel and the Speedo population was down, so I was feeling good. I shared a lane with an older guy who I learned had been swimming nearly his whole life. I started off pretty good but in no time was lapped by the retired 70 year old. Luckily for me, he quit early to go flirt with the water exercise ladies.

I managed to complete five laps in a row this time (250 yards!). I’m halfway there. In all, I did around 550 Yards. My breathing is getting better so I’m not as nervous for the Pigman. I only thing that still scares me is not being able stop. With running, when you are tired or get a cramp you can just stop and walk. With swimming you don’t have that option. I suppose I could just doggy paddle…

Only 2 1/2 months to go!

Swimming Practice

I signed up for the
Pigman Sprint Triathlon in June. It consists of swimming 500+ yards, biking 15+ miles and then running a 5K. The running and biking I’m not to worried about but the swimming keeps me up at night.

Last Wednesday, I decided I had waited long enough and it was time to start training. Bender Pool (thankfully an indoor one) has an open lap swim. I forgot a towel and was the only one not in a Speedo, so it was pretty easy for them to tell I was not experienced. If that didn’t give it away maybe the sucking air after one lap did! By the end of it, I was able to complete 3 laps (down & back) without stopping. I estimate this is around 150 yards…so I definitely have a ways to go.

Tonight, I’m going back for round two, but with a towel this time. My swim trunks will stay the same, as I not interested in tighter ones at this point.