My Charles River Run

The route was a loop starting downtown at the Boston Common park. I first headed towards the Museum of Science and over the bridge at the far east end of the river and ran along the north shore. It was into a strong wind going out, 20-30 mph. I ran by MIT and Harvard, which made me feel a little smarter just by passing. Reaching the Eliot bridge, 5 miles out, I turned around and headed back up the south side and enjoyed the tail wind. Passing yet another institute of higher learning, Boston University, made the run seem not as long. Towards the end of my loop, I verved off the trail into the city to catch a glimpse of Fenway Park, some crazy Bo Sox fans, and headed down Commonwealth Ave. Commonwealth Ave in loaded with historical homes and is also the last mile of the Boston Marathon where I waited for Michelle to finish. As a reward for my morning run, I got a Dunkin’ Donut and a coffee to pass the time.

*Note: Not pictured was my restroom stop in the bushes on the campus of MIT…I decided to make it quick and not get arrested. They really should have more restroom options in big cities and especially on trails.


Endomondo…best running app ever!

I just got the Endomondo app for my phone (blackberry b/c work pays for it) and love it!  Basically, it’ll track your run with GPS so you can see your total distance, time, elevation, pace, etc. There are many other apps that do this too, like MapMyRun, which I have used, but Endomondo goes one step further. It will also “speak” your mile splits and overall time at each mile (or km if you prefer) whiling allowing you to play music.

So, last weekend I tried it out. I created a playlist on iTunes, uploaded it to the blackberry and started up Endomondo. I selected the playlist I just uploaded and hit countdown. I set my countdown to 30 seconds so I have some time to put in my earphones and zip up the phone in my running pants before the clock starts.

I take off down the street to my kick ass playlist of Rihanna until I hit the one mile mark. The music fades and a voice come through the headphones. “1 mile, total time 9:02”. Cool, I thought, I have a personal lap counter wherever I go! Then I got to the second mile and not only did it give me the total time, but also my second mile split. Wow, this thing is awesome!

I finish up my run and hit save on my phone. Instantly, it is uploaded to Endomondo’s website where I can view all my stats. (example here)

And now for the freaky part. I use that term b/c it’s super cool, but you have to be careful with the technology too. When you are out running and using Endomondo, anyone (or just your friends if you prefer) can go to the website and see you live on a map! They can literally watch you run through the streets. So if I’m out running tomorrow morning at 8:00am and you go to the website and search for my name, you could watch me run on a map in real time. The freaky part, you can comment or type “good job” and the comment will come directly to me over my earphones, at that exact moment! Literally, you can be my cheerleader from anywhere in the world.

I find this extremely fascinating. If anyone evers “catches” me out running live, feel free to comment. I’ll even buy dinner if you say something funny and make me laugh!


Ice Age 50 Mile

I first heard of the Ice Age 50 Mile trail run in Wisconsin about two years ago. I have had the idea in the back of my mind since. Well, today I finally pulled the trigger and signed up. The official date is May 14th, 2011. That gives me about 3 months of running my ass to complete the race. I don’t really have a training plan per se, mostly just run longer on Saturday and Sunday.

  • If anyone has run a 50 miler, I’d like to know what you thought. Leave a note.
  • If you think the idea is slightly insane, please hold your tongue until May 15th.
  • If you’re up for a all day run, maybe we can car pool.