Cornman Triathlon 1:24:29

One of Michelle’s B-Day presents to me this year was the Cornman Tri. Perfect, since I wouldn’t sign up on my own (too cheap) and because I could use my new Felt bike. Great gift!

The Cornman Triathlon is just outside Gladbrook, IA and is a sprint distance (500m swim, 15 mile bike, 5k run). My training for the swim portion consisted of 3 stops at the local swimming pool for lap swim, or not much at all. Considering I’m super slow and it’s only about 10 minutes, I figured why waste the time.

The swim was a wave start, or where everyone in my age group runs in the water together. I deciding to reduce the risk of being trampled and opted for an outside position. Going out seemed to take forever but the once I made the turnaround past the buoy, the second half went better. Overall the swim took 11:44.

Getting out of the wetsuit is always a challenge, so transition one was slow. I also use normal shoes and socks on the bike which takes longer than clip-less pedals. The bike route had a few hills but nothing that wiped me out. Overall, I was happy and surprised with a 45:37 time for 15 miles. Transition two was easy with my running shoes already on, but the legs were still in biking mode which took half (1.5 miles) of the 5k to loosen up. Once they did though, I was able to pick it up some and finish the run in 23:35.

Overall, the course was great and I would definitely do it again.