dailymileWhile re-reading my blog for the 5th time today, I’m sure you have seen the dailymile widget, or my training on the right hand side.  I signed up for social, web-based training log back in March.  I thought it would be something cool to try out but now I absolutely love it.

I hated writing down my workouts, whether it was how much I lifted in three sets of bench press or how far I ran and the pace.  It was torture.  Now, I can log into dailymile every so often and update my workouts.  One of the many great features is the ability to view your training history.  I like to look at my running for the past year and see how the miles fluctuate from month to month.  If running is not your thing, you can also track biking, swimming, or any fitness activity like lifting or yoga.

The social aspect is pretty cool too.  I’m competitive so when I see that one of my friends’ workouts and I’m sitting on the couch…it’s a lot easier to get out the door (depending what’s on TV).  Challenges are another great way to stay motivated.  You can sign up for a challenge such as run 100 miles in three months.  Dailymile will then tell your progress.  If you do sign up, add me, I can use the motivation:)