Free State Trail Marathon – 4:25:14

I tripped and stumbled more times in one race than in my entire running life. Completely wiped out twice and stubbed my left foot more than a half dozen times. For most of the Free State Trail Run, I was running by myself with the occasional one or two passer bys. Probably a good thing with all the curse words I let loose while stumbling my way to the finish. The trail was rocky, with one section along the lake resembling a boulder field. Not what I was expecting for a Kansas trail run.

The organization and overall race was really enjoyable. Arguably, this was one the hardest trail run I’ve done, albeit not that hilly. The real challenge was keeping your eyes on the ground and placing your feet strategically between the rocks and roots. Turns out, my eyes like to wander.

It was my 4th marathon (3rd trail) this year. If I can keep it up, I should be ready for the high elevation of Leadville, CO this summer.

Free State Trail Marathon 2013