Happy Anniversary Dailymile!

The end of this month marks a special date, my one year anniversary with Dailymile. Over the past year, we have had many ups and downs, but the important thing is, we made it.

Dailymile One Year Anniversary

For the most part, I recorded all of my training runs and races. There might have been the occasional slip of the mind, but it’s close enough. The strongest month was November with 178 miles, mainly due to peaking for the Memphis marathon. The month with the least amount of running wasn’t necessary a “resting” period. I only ran 50 miles in July, but also biked across Iowa in RAGBRAI.

Some other notes:

  • 1,282 Total Miles Ran
  • Avg. of 100 miles/ month or 20 miles/ week or about a 5k a day
  • About 176 hours
  • Four pairs of shoes
  • Tucker probably ran 20% of that…which explains excessive napping