Jugglefest 5k

I ran a unique 5k this morning. Called the Jugglefest 5k, runners had an option to juggle at least three objects continuously while running the full 3.1 miles. I opted not to juggle, mostly because I can’t. The race field was small and a group of 5 or so guys who shot off  the start line. I was near the top females, one who was juggling. The only thing I could think about was, “this woman can’t beat me, especially while juggling!” I kicked it up little and created some space which put my ego to rest. Near the halfway point of the out and back course I could see the leaders heading back to the finish. It was a shocking scene. In the top group of guys who sprinted from the start line were two jugglers! They were clicking off sub 6 minute miles and also had the concentration (and energy) to keep three balls in the air. The site was interesting and somewhat inspiring. Later during the awards ceremony, I learned the top male and top female jugglers/runners were also the world record holders for fastest 5k while juggling. Talk about a niche.

I finished around 19:15, which isn’t too bad for me considering a hot, late morning run.

As a side note: I ran to the start from the house, 15 miles away. Photo below is from from my pre-race run.

Abby Creek School House