Mahomet Trail

This past week, I found myself traveling in Illinois and discovered the town of Mahomet (map here). Well, I actually never went into town but north to the Lake of the Woods Park and where the Mahomet Trails reside. My visit was short and daylight even shorter, so I got up early and made it to the trail head just before light. The trails were mostly mowed grass paths with trees and tall prairie grass surrounding. There is one paved bike path through the middle, which I bet is heavily traveled during the summer. The area itself is not very big but I soon learned one can still get lost and end up going in circles with all the crossroads. Thankfully, I had emailed the map below to my phone so I had somewhat of an idea where I was.

I tried to capture the experience but never could figure out the camera phone in the dimly lit dawn. The images are kind of blurry. I did spook a few fawns though. They were sleeping a couple feet off the trail right where I stopped to look around. I turned to the right and a baby deer was staring back at me. It was half asleep as it stood up, waited a second and then bounded off.

Overall the trails were pretty simple. Mostly flat, wide, and not technical as far as footings goes. But, always better than the road and god forbid, the treadmill!