Muddy Monster – 1:06:37

MuddyMonsterYesterday, I finally had a chance to run the Muddy Monster in Cedar Rapids. The race is in it’s third year, which is incredible to think about considering how well organized and planned the event is. The race director does an outstanding job.

The first year of the race, I skeptical and watched my siblings run, last year the floods changed the location from Seminole Valley Park to Noelridge Park and took the “muddy” out of the monster.  So this year, I had to sign up for the 15K and give it a try. The route featured Usher’s Ferry Historical Village, some traditional cross country on open grass and, of course, a mud filled trail. I loved it all. There’s something about running off-road that makes the challenge harder and more rewarding. I also appreciated the Monsters along the course, heckling the runners.  Getting chased and yelled at by a monster is pretty good motivation to run fast.

Sarah and Dale at the Muddy Monster
Sarah and Dale at the Muddy Monster

The race was a milestone for Sarah and Dale, who ran to the start line and then did the 15K for a total of 15+ (hard and hilly) miles. They are both training to run in Memphis with Michelle and I. It was a good thing the race served hot dogs at the end to keep Dale from collapsing.

If you ever have the chance to run the Muddy Monster, I would recommend it. Well, worth it!

My splits:
5K – 21:50
10K – 44:14
15K – 1:06:37