My Feet

Hi.  I am a Medium Arch, Over-Pronator, Cushion + foot type.

Ah, what?  Ok, maybe, I should back up.  Let me break that down and you’ll be able to impress your non-running buddies with a very technical sounding line of running jargon.  Word of caution:  I wouldn’t try to impress the opposite sex with that line, especially if you are looking for a running partner.

First, determine your Arch Type.  The easiest way is the “wet foot test”.  After getting out of the shower make a foot print on the floor.  If your print is skinny, you have a high arch.  If the print is wide, then you have a low arch or flat foot.  If the print is in between, consider yourself a medium arch.

Next, look at the bottom of an old pair of running shoes.  The part that is most worn will indicate your Foot Pronation?  On my shoes, the outside heel and inside toe are definitely the most worn.  This would indicate that I Over-Pronate (roll from the outside heel to the inside toe).  If you are an Under-Pronator you would have almost no roll inside.  And if you have a Normal Pronation your foot rolls slightly in (about 15 degrees is normal).

Lastly, how much do you run in a week and what is your body frame like?  I’m roughly 170 lbs. and I try to get 30+ miles in a week (lately, not so much!).  Therefore, I need more Cushioning than someone who weighs 150 lb. and only runs 10 miles.

Add it all up and I’m a Medium Arch, Over-Pronator, and Cushion + foot type.  This means I should opt for the Stability + shoes.

Before you buy your next pair of shoes, check out what type you are.  Road Runner Sports is where I usually buy my shoes and they have a great tool to find your foot type.

note: I generally like to include images with my posts but considering the topic and the view when I remove my shoes, I’ll reserve that habit until next time.