My halficle in the office

My halficle in the office consists of nothing more than my docking station, laptop, and phone. All desk drawers and shelves are empty except for a couple pens and Poptarts. I have been working like this the last 6 months and have been more productive than ever. I never lose anything b/c everything is saved electronically on a server which I can access any where. If I do get the occasional hard copy, it gets scanned to pdf, saved, and recycled.

I have been asked, “are you leaving us” many times and I always get a puzzled look when I say no, “all my work is in here”, and tap my laptop. Its funny how older people don’t realized the changes in technology and how it can make your job easier. One day they will understand that work is not a place, its something we do and we can do it anywhere. An office is a place. So when someone says, “are you at work?” I reply, “No, I’m at the office” or if I’m not, “I’m working, how can I help you?” Most people don’t get it, but hopefully someday they will.

And BTW, my desk phone is basically just sitting there for no reason. I do get calls to it but it never rings. Instead they go straight to my cell, which I can answer anywhere. Maybe I should move it under the desk to give me more for my Poptarts.

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