Playlist suggestions?

Just finished a pre-race meal of chicken strips and wondering what to put on my iPod for my attempt at the Des Moines Marathon.  This will be my 10th marathon and my 5th running around Iowa’s capitol.  My first 26.2 mile run back in 2005 consisted of a Rio MP3 player with Dave Matthews, Guster, and Linkin Park in that order.  If I remember right, I wanted to start off slow (DMB) and finish strong (LP).  Good idea in theory, but Linkin Park can and went before I got around Gray’s Lake, leaving me exhausted with 3 miles to go.

This year, iTunes will create a ‘smart playlist’ of 80’s music.  I’ll probably add some Chromeo too for the upbeat, motivation around mile 20.  Not sure what else.

I have no idea for a time prediction, so I’m not giving you one.  You’ll just have to wait til tomorrow.