Remote Working…well, Works!

Inc. Magazine has a really good write up on Remote Working or coworkers who live far away from each other but interact throughout work hours. I’ve been fortunate to be on both sides of this situation (Office dweller and Remote worker) and can attest that remote working does in fact, work!

Jason Fried, the author, does a great job explaining the concept for his company 37 Signals.

Coming from traditional work environments, I especially concur with his thoughts on managing by observation.

“There’s one question I hear from entrepreneurs all the time: “How do you know work is getting done if you can’t see people doing it?” My response? Observing work take place is not the same as seeing work get done. In fact, I have found that it’s easier to know if people are getting work done when they’re remote. That’s because their work has to speak for itself. When you don’t have, just being there at the office, to hide behind, it becomes all about the work. And it’s hard to argue with that.”