Sioux Falls Marathon – 3:38:00

I signed up for the Sioux Falls Marathon as motivation and a long training run for my upcoming JFK 50 mile in November. With that in mind, I made the trip to Sioux Falls quick and in reality, cared more about tailgating for my beloved Hawkeyes the day before. I arrive at the start 45 minutes before and picked up my race number. The course was point to point with the finish on the other side of Sioux Falls. The start was in a football stadium so I stretched and did a handful of 40 yard jogs pretending I was in full pads racing for the endzone. As with most large races, the line for the restrooms was super long. I decided to wait and use the portable ones along the course. The first half of the race was relatively boring, as we ran through the less populated areas of Sioux Falls and on many frontage roads. I’m guessing the organizers were aiming for less traffic and without a care for ambiance.

In the middle of the race, we made our way downtown Sioux Falls and ran through Falls Park. The falls from the Big Sioux River are beautiful and made it worth the wait to get there. The last portion of the marathon was on a paved bike trail. Better than streets in my mind, but my feet would have preferred limestone or something softer after 20 miles. My last five mile were the fastest, which is a good sign on any training run. Overall, I ended up with 3:38:00. Not bad for me considering the heat/ humidity and short sleep the night before. Sioux Falls was a success and has me even more excited for Fort Collins in October and JFK in November.