Swim Practice – Round 2

Today, I went back to improve on my swimming. I remembered the towel and the Speedo population was down, so I was feeling good. I shared a lane with an older guy who I learned had been swimming nearly his whole life. I started off pretty good but in no time was lapped by the retired 70 year old. Luckily for me, he quit early to go flirt with the water exercise ladies.

I managed to complete five laps in a row this time (250 yards!). I’m halfway there. In all, I did around 550 Yards. My breathing is getting better so I’m not as nervous for the Pigman. I only thing that still scares me is not being able stop. With running, when you are tired or get a cramp you can just stop and walk. With swimming you don’t have that option. I suppose I could just doggy paddle…

Only 2 1/2 months to go!