Swimming Practice

I signed up for the
Pigman Sprint Triathlon in June. It consists of swimming 500+ yards, biking 15+ miles and then running a 5K. The running and biking I’m not to worried about but the swimming keeps me up at night.

Last Wednesday, I decided I had waited long enough and it was time to start training. Bender Pool (thankfully an indoor one) has an open lap swim. I forgot a towel and was the only one not in a Speedo, so it was pretty easy for them to tell I was not experienced. If that didn’t give it away maybe the sucking air after one lap did! By the end of it, I was able to complete 3 laps (down & back) without stopping. I estimate this is around 150 yards…so I definitely have a ways to go.

Tonight, I’m going back for round two, but with a towel this time. My swim trunks will stay the same, as I not interested in tighter ones at this point.