Twin Cities Marathon 3:25:53

Once again, I come up short in my quest for a 3:10 marathon. This time, I was on pace through mile 22 and then ran out of energy. Mentally, I could keep it going but my legs wouldn’t go. My stomach and hydration was ok and I was also breathing alright. Taking everything into consideration, I should have add longer runs in my training, which I kind of figured was going to be the weak spot.

It was a disappointing run, but overall the Twin Cities puts on a great marathon. While jogging the last four miles, I was already thinking about signing up again next year and taking in more of the scenery, route and thousands of spectators along the streets. Going for a time goal in a marathon is fun, especially since I’m competitive, but by doing so, I missed out on a lot of the atmosphere. Running just below my threshold forces me to concentrate on my stride, breathing and staying relaxed. Running at a slower pace would be so much easier to take in the surroundings of the race and not have to worry about running mechanics.

The marathon started at the Metrodome and was a point to point route, finishing up at the Capitol in St. Paul. At 5:30am, we parked at the finish and hopped on a bus to the start. The temperature was around 35 degrees at the start so waiting inside the dome was welcomed. The first portion of the course winds south around some lakes (I forget the names) and then heads north along the Mississippi River. The fall is a perfect time for the marathon because the leaves are just starting to change colors. As they say, it’s the “most beautiful urban marathon”. The finish consists of a gradual incline from mile 21 to 23, which led to my demise.

The finish line was well organized and meeting up with Michelle was easy. In fact, everything was so close that I stopped at the gear check, changed into dry clothes in a designated changing tent and went back to load up on post race food in a matter of minutes. I even found a nice grassy spot to lay down and watch the runners come through. If this had been Chicago, they would have thrown me out of the finishing area on an empty stomach. Afterwards, we got to meet up with family and eat a big, guilt-free lunch. In the end, marathon number 13 was very fun with a disappointing time.

Next up, the Des Moines Marathon (6th time) and then Indy in 4 weeks.